Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Preclass thoughts, Eddited for typos!

So here I am, waiting for class to start, trying to get used to my PK. I've had it for months now but haven't made myself get used to it yet and have continued using my old Braille Note, even though the battery on it sucks. It is hard for me to type on this new thing since the keys are so much smaller and since the spacebar is placed differently. I keep hitting the braille display instead of the spacebar! The thumb keys are now buttons, too, so that is taking some getting used to, too. But the worst is the space. I figure the more I type, the better. So here I am rambling away five minutes before class is to start, and I somehow keep ending up in weird menus from hitting the wrong keys at the same time.
You'll be reading this much later, since I've decided to post these random thoughts on my blog. I don't right enough on it, so now, lucky you, you'll get to read my random words as I practice typing and await the start of my Ethics for Criminal Justice Professionals class. Yippee.
Actually, the class probably won't be that bad. I read the first four chapters this weekend and wasn't bored out of my mind, so that's good. My public policy book, however, is another story. Three chapters of that made me want to sleep, and I'm not even sure what I read. Not good. Maybe class tonight will make it easier to understand. Or maybe not. We'll find out.
Well, my teacher is here so I'd probably better switch into my notes file instead of my random file. Its 12:30 now and I'll post these sometime later. Here we go with ethical stuff and drinking my smoothey!

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