Monday, February 8, 2010

Awake again

Well, I went to sleep for about two hours. It felt good to get more sleep. My nose is still stuffy, so we'll see how it goes if I go to class tonight. I'll get a hot shower before to see if the steam helps. I only have one dosage of Tylinol Cold DayTime left.
Stupid company makes the combination boxes all wrong. They put in 10 dosages, 4 are night and only 6 are day. You can take the day every 4-6 hours, so they totally don't give enough daytime ones in each box. And, there's an empty spot on each sheet! So they could easily put 4 nighttime ones and 8 daytime ones on the same amount of sheets. Then the meds would last longer.
Now, I've got 1 daytime dose and a bunch of nighttime ones since the daytime always runs out first. The only way their packaging would work out right is if you first took a dose at night, then took two daytime the next day, then one at night, two more in the day, one at night, two more the next day, and finished with the last one at night. Who does that? I want to be able to take more than two daytime a day since even though sometimes they work for 6 hours, usually they start wearing off after 4. And usually I start feeling sick partway through the day, not right before I go to bed. (shrug) Too bad the Tylinol people don't read these blogs. I think my plan of 4 night, 8 day would be better. Not a lot better but better and still keeping the same package makeup.
Oh well, enough rambling. Can you tell I don't feel good since I'm rambling about medicine? Sniffle, sniffle. I'd better see if Pasta has to potty. She's such a good girl and has been all curled up by me on the bed.

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