Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There's still time!

Just wanted to remind you guys that there's still time to vote for Pasta in the hero dog awards. You can vote every 24 hours through July 31 at 11:59 PM. She's in fourth now, but I'm really hoping we can pull her up to third so she can win a prize. Please, help me out in doing that, and tell your friends to vote for her, too! The doggie who should win first will by a landslide, so we won't be taking any votes she needs away from her. Let's just try to get my girl back in third like she was for weeks! Thanks.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Vote for Pasta!

Hi all. I entered Pasta in the Hero Dog Awards, and the voting period has now begun. Please, go to the link at the bottom, read my entry and vote for my hero dog! The rules and such are there, explaining how prizes work and talking about the awards ceremony, and the charity that the winning dog is matched with will win a donation at the end, too. So, if Pasta wins, Guide-Dogs for the Blind will get a donation. So, please hop on over, read some heart-felt doggie stories in all the cool categories, and please vote for my girl if you feel she deserves it. I do, but I'm biased. :D You can vote once in each category every day until the contest closes July 30!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Radio interview on Pasta!

Hi all. I know, I know, I'm bad for not writing. But after all the writing I have to do for the Master's program, I am so sick of writing I just don't bother. Sorry! Plus, not too much exciting has gone on anyways.
But now, something cool is going on! Woo hoo! Hahaha, so yeah, I entered Pasta in something called the Hero Dog Awards. Voting starts the first of June, so I'll post a link to her later so you can see her photo, read what I wrote and hopefully make a donation and thus vote for my girl. But anyways, someone working with the American Humane Association, who is putting on the awards, e-mailed me saying my story was touching and asking me if I'd help fill a slot on a radio program talking about the awards.
So, on Friday, May 13, at about noon central time, so 1:00 PM Eastern and 10:00 AM Pacific, I'll be on the Steve Dale Pet World Show. I hope I got that right. If not, I'll let you all know.
I don't know what station its on yet exactly or if it'll be streaming online, but I guess the show's out of Chicago. I asked them to let me know what station it would be on and if it would be available online, so once I hear back, I'll write in and let you guys know. But I think that's cool that I'll get to talk all about Pasta! Its supposed to be about a ten minute interview so should be lots of fun. And hopefully, it'll get people familiar with my girl and maybe even get some to vote for her once the voting opens up next month. Hahaha!
Again, I'll write in more about the contest later once the voting period actually opens up, but I just wanted to let you all know about the radio program. I was surprised and excited to be asked to help them out. So this should be fun! I love talking about my girl, how awesome she is and what a great impact she has on my life. I just can never find all the right words to describe how truly wonderful she is, but I'll try!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yes, I have been MIA. Sorry!
I have a question for all you Bloggers. I have noticed some of you have a big picture on your page. How did you get it that way? I'd love to put a big picture of Pasta on mine but can't figure out how.
Thanks! Sorry I haven't written. I've been either busy, tired or had nothing cool to say. I'll try to do better.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The American Cancer Society - 2011 Relay For Life at Cal State Long Beach CA:

This year, Pasta and I will again be walking in the Relay for Life. We missed out last year, but I'm excited to be signed up to do it again. To read about the Relay for Life and to make a donation, go to my page below. Please, check it out. This is a very important cause to me as my dad is a colon cancer survivor, my grandma a bladder cancer survivor, my cousin a thyroid cancer survivor and my mom passed away from lung cancer. Thank you.
The American Cancer Society - 2011 Relay For Life at Cal State Long Beach CA:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No Bones About It: Guide Dogs' Blog: Pasta and Tofu Together

No Bones About It: Guide Dogs' Blog: Pasta and Tofu Together: "By Megan, Pasta and Tofu Last month, I traveled to Iowa to visit my family. I have flown several times with Pas..."