Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back I go again

Well, I'm almost ready to go back to campus. So much for me getting up at 10:00. I didn't think that'd happen. (smile) Ah, well. I work from 1:00-5:00 or whenever I finish the chapter. I doubt it'll take me that long.
I hope I don't get that horrible twitch like yesterday! God, my right thigh had this massive twitch for hours! I could even feel the muscle move if I put my hand on my leg. Crazy annoying!
Poor little Pasta got bored yesterday, too. She is a great worker and will go for hours, which she did yesterday since we started at 7:00 AM, but she gets bored when she's just lying in her harness for too long. Classes are fine, even the long night classes, but lying by me or under the desk at work for hours at a whack bores her, and she'll get up and nudge me with her nose as if to say, aren't we going anywhere? I took her harness off for a little while at work yesterday afternoon so she could get more comfortable. Today should be fine for her though, These short days she doesn't mind at all. Even I get bored of just sitting there for so long on the long days, so I can't blame her in the least.
Well, I'd better go brush my teeth, yes bad, I know, and then we'd better head to campus. I'll come back later. This is fun. I should really have done this more a long time ago! Probably nobody will want to read it, and I can't blame them, but at least its fun for me! (smile)
Oh, before I go, happy graduation day anniversary Pasta! We graduated from GDB two years ago today. Awesome dog! I'll write more about her later, as I think I'm going to be late!

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