Monday, February 8, 2010

I want an apartment!

I've wanted my own apartment for at least a year and a half now, and the longer I've wanted one, the more reasons I come up with for wanting one. Let's see what they are:
1. I'd probably have more room (but maybe not since studios are small).
2. I'd have my own bathroom!
3. I'd have my own kitchen.
4. I wouldn't have to move my stuff out evry summer, into my boyfriend's family's garage, and then back in again the next fall!
5. I wouldn't have to pay extra to stay during Christmas time or times the campus is closed!
6. I wouldn't have to move my stuff into a different room if I wanted to be here in the summer!
7. I could work this summer since I'd have a place to live!
8. If I found a place that allowed pets, I maybe could co-raise a puppy or at least puppy sit!
9. It might be quieter.
10. The dorms are super expensive. (What's worse is that they want $400 in March to hold our room and lock our rates in for next year, but the $400 is nonrefundable if we change our minds.)
1. I might have to cook. (However I like to sometimes, and I could eat on campus and in the dining hall still if I wanted.)
2. Apartments close to campus are expensive and the closer the better. (But if I was close to a bus stop, I'd be fine.)
3. I'd have to set up the internet, cable, electric, etc and pay for them all separately which will be a pain. (But some include some utilities or maybe I could get a package deal.)
I can't really think of any more negatives. But what sucks is that even if I find an apartment now, they won't hold it for me until May, which is when I'd want to move. If I don't pay $400 in case I can't find something, my rates and room won't be held. Maybe I'll be able to get a room still, but the prices would go up. They're already crazy this semester as it is. But if I pay the $400 to keep my rates and room locked and I find an apartment, it won't be refundable! No fair!
Well, wish me luck looking. I hope I can find something dog friendly, close to a bus stop, that isn't too terribly expensive or tiny. Wish me luck!


Ro said...

Don't just limit yourself to apartments. Look at things like guest houses, too. It might even be worth paying for a service to help you find something, because they would know what you're looking for, they would know how to work around those time frames with the dorms etc. They also have access to listings that aren't always totally public. I'm not sure what those services are called. I know there's one here called Apartment Locators. A realty office might even be able to point you in the right direction.

Jen and Bil said...

Aww too bad you don't live closer! you could probably at least live near Bilko and me... well good luck! $400? ours is only 200 or something around that! That sucks!

Megan and Pasta said...

Yeah, and the whole year is like $1,100 or something for the dorms. Crazy! I'll take pretty much what I can get, just not another room in someone else's house. Not again. Its crazy, though, apartments here are more than what my sister pays to rent a house back in Iowa!