Monday, December 14, 2009

Long time, no write

Okay, so I am back after a very long hieteous. Hmm, how do I spell that word. I could look it up but am too lazy. Anyway, I should be working on homework now but since I am procrastinating like crazy this month, well, this semester, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally write again.
Pasta and I are doing great. We had a scare, well two, actually, but thank God they ended up being nothing. We had two separate instances of limping and we couldn't figure out why. I had to send her up to GDB for a week for observations, and it was a very, very hard week for me. I missed her terribley and was so worried it'd be something serious like a spinal problem since nothing showed up on the X-rays of her hips, knees or ankles. But you know what was wrong with my little Princess? She has sensative toenails! That's it! so, while they usually say to trim the nails if they start clicking on the floor, which I did with the PediPaws on occasion, hers are supposed to click on the floor. And since they've been growing out, no more limping! Woo hoo!
So, okay, another update. We graduated from CalState Long Beach in May of 2008. I got a scholarship to Chapman law school and started in the fall of 2008. I moved in with a woman and her guide-dog that I met in class with Pasta. But law school was not what I was expecting. I was very disinterested and it was very difficult and again, very boring to me. I only lasted a semester. Then for a few months I was so bored I couldn't stand it.
I decided to go back to school and get my masters in criminal justice back at CalState Long Beach. I loved it there and really missed it and the people. It feels like a little family there. So, back I started this fall. I moved into the dorms in October.
Pasta is so happy to be back here! She's been doing so great with all the people and everything. I love this dog! All my classes are at night and she makes me feel so confident out at night. I used to hate being in the dark, but with her, its nnot an issue. And
, I've got a part-time job helping proofread books the high tech center on campus is brailling for students. I even will be proofing my own stats book this semester. Funny, huh? So, I just thought I'd finally post again, and as long as I remember, I'll try to keep it up better this time. I love to write and can ramble on and on forever, as you all can tell. So, glad to be back. Hope I get my work done! I love being back and going to classes, but homework is definitely not my favorite thing!

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