Friday, February 12, 2010


So I think we heard a raccoon last night. Pasta and I were walking with my boyfriend around 11:00 to the Seven 11 that's near campus. We heard some weird noise up in a tree and stopped to listen. For awhile, we had no idea what it was. Then, we wondered if it was some kind of a bird. But the longer we stood there, it didn't sound like a bird. Anthony was like, do you think its a raccoon? Lightbulb! It sounded like the raccoons in the movie The Great Outdoors.
I couldn't personally remember what a raccoon sounded like from when we went camping when I was a kid, but it stood to reason that what we were hearing was a raccoon. So, we kept walking. No need to stand across the street from a raccoon! Those things can be mean!
So, at Seven 11, I stocked up on some junk. I got a bag of Beef Jerkey, a big bag of Skittles and a can of Pringles. I also got a Snapple and some Notchos, but the guy put way too much cheese on them.
Anyway, on the way back, once we got to the street the raccoon was on, which was really close to the dorms, I got a tad nervous and hoped that it was either still up in the tree making noise or that it was gone. Preferably, it would have still been in the tree making noise so I knew where it was. I know how much Pasta likes animals and has attendency to try to say hi and times, and I sure didn't want her to try to say hi to a raccoon.
No later than I got these thoughts out of my head than Pasta lunged forward and to the left a bit. Panic! I said, no, in a loud, firm voice. I should have corrected her but just sort of did a harness check, which I don't think we're supposed to do really, and held back on the handle firmly. Thankfully, either nothing was there to begin with, or my no scared it away, because nothing attacked her. It took a few seconds for my heart to slow back down, though. I really need to work on her not lunging at creatures to say hello. That had the potential of being really bad. Leave it to Pasta to want to say hi to a raccoon!

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Jen and Bil said...

O wow! Rackoons are scary, I agree. (and I do harness checks too lol... shhh!) Bilko tried to go after a skunk one time... ug! Maybe I'll blog about that lol.