Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Got It!

So, I just had to write and say I got the apartment! I found out almost a week ago but have been busy and tired. But woo hoo! I got it! They didn't even call my references. I'm super excited and get to go Friday and sign the papers, pay and get the keys. I'm planning to start moving in on the 24th. So yay! I'm so excited. I loved this place. It really felt like home! So I'm super, super happy about it. Just had to let you all know while I had a chance.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More apartment stuff

Well, the apartment fell through. The guy that said I could see it on the Saturday hadn't cleared it with the tenant when he'd told me that, so he ended up wanting me to come on Sunday. I already had plans then, so couldn't come. He rented it out that day. Crap! If he'd have told me someone else was coming to see it, I could have pushed my plans back!
So now, I applied to another place. I really, really love it. But I'm so worried I won't get it. My credit isn't great, my income not super high and my rental history is basically nonexistent since this'll be my first apartment. So I'm kind of freaking out. I passed the deadline for the dorms, so now I have to find a place.
I know someone who is renting a room from a lady who has another she wants to rent, that I could probably stay with, but then I'd be back with someone else's rules, guidelines, etc., to deal with again and the lack of privacy. Plus, there's already someone in the house. I know that person, but its a guy. The owner of the house lives there, too, so it'd be three people. Not the situation I'm looking for. But it might be what I have to do. We'll see.
I'm praying and crossing my fingers that the apartment I saw this last weekend will take a chance on me. I will pay the rent always, I know that. I'm just so worried my credit will sink me. I'll update when I hear. Supposedly, I'm supposed to find out tomorrow. I wonder how much they'll actually check and if they'll call my references or not. I'd think so but that seems like a lot to do in a day since I just sent the application. Well, we'll see. Wish me luck!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Maybe promising apartment?

So I have an apartment I'm going to look at this weekend. My boyfriend's mom is going with me so I have eyeballs to check it out, too. The guy was really nice and didn't seem too concerned about my SSI and part-time job being my income. Its close to campus, and he thought it'd be perfect for me, he said.
But here's my wonderment now, what I didn't think of asking earlier. It says its a bachelor unit with a separate bathroom and all utilities included. He told me it was on top of a garage. So, now my question is, does it have a kitchen? Sounds like no. I could get by without a stove since I have a crock pot and sort of grill thing, its called the GT Xpress, but a fridge is important. I guess I could always get a small one, not tiny but not a full-sized one.
We'll see how it is when we go, probably Saturday. I hope it is okay. It'd be nice to be close to campus and to have a place where I don't have to mess with a cosigner. Cross your fingers, especially that it has a fridge!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi from Pasta!

Hi guys. So, mommy let me use the computer. Woo hoo! (wag, wag, wag) I'm so excited to get to talk to you all!
Anyway, I just wanted to ask you all to look at my beautiful pictures mommy posted and let her know which one is your favorite. I'd really like to be in the GDB calendar next year so everyone can see me! Mommy tells me I'm beautiful. As a matter of fact, everyone says that, so come on, let mom know so she can pick a photo to send in. She really wants to show me off, she says.
Oh, oh, oh, and go to the website mommy posted, too. She wrote a story bragging about me, and if enough people vote for it, we could win $1,000. But we're really behind since mom didn't know about the contest until yesterday. But its okay, because you can vote once a day until March 28th! So, please do, and tell your friends about me, too! Please!
I'll give you the puppy face!
I'm really good at giving the puppy face.
Oh, so mom wants me to post the link in here for you guys again. To read the story about me and vote for it, go here. Thanks! (lick, lick, wag, wag.) Gotta go now!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What do you think?

What do you all think about this picture? I'm thinking about sending it to Guide-Dogs for consideration for the 2011 calendar.

I submitted this one last year

And this one the year before.

But they weren't chosen

I also like these.

What do you all think?

Pasta's story

Okay, so they posted the story I wrote about Pasta on the website. Now people can vote once a day between now and March 28. So, please, please, go here, read, vote and tell your friends! Its a great, true, heart-felt story, and the money would be really helpful right now, too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I entered a contest, please vote!

So, I was inspired by another lady on the listserve I'm on to enter a contest this
evening. A service dog organization is taking stories about how a dog has touched your life, and I entered a story I wrote about Pasta on the GDB blog almost two years ago, with some minor changes. There's two prizes, one $500 prize given by a panel and one $1,000 prize given to the story with the highest votes from the audience. So, please, please, please vote for Pasta's story! It doesn't seem to be posted yet but should be any time. so please, go to here and look for Pasta. You can vote once a day from now until March 28th, so please do and tell your friends! I could really, really, really use the money!