Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. Visit

Well, I went to the eye doctor today. I took Access, the local paratransit, there. Here's what I wrote on my PK while I was waiting to be seen.

Lalalalala. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Of course, I'm early. I'm always early when I want to be on time. Or I'm late. Usually, with the Dr. anyway, I'm early. Then, I've got to wait forever since I'm early. I got here an hour early. My appointment isn't until two. So, lalalalalalalalala. I'm just trying to pass the time. Watch, with my luck, I'll either get seen soon and be out really fast and then will have to wait forever for my return ride, or, I'll wait in here forever and keep wondering if I'll be seen in time to make my return ride. Trying to make sure I wouldn't miss it, I got it for 4:00, so most likely, I'll have to wait for it for awhile. But I'd rather wait for it than miss it and have to call them back and then wait for who knows how long before they come back.
So anyway, I'm just trying to kill time. I signed a few forms and updated my address. Other than that, I've just been sitting here. For quite awhile, I was entertained, although not happily, by a weird old guy complaining about how he doesn't want surgery. He kept saying the nurse was dumb and put down his right eye when they just did his right eye and the dr told him it would be for his left. But instead of just making sure they switched the paperwork, he went off on this tangent about how Medicare wouldn't pay it all and why get surgery on his good eye. And he could die soon, he kept saying. Weird old man with all his complaints and ramblings. The poor nurses were really patient with him. I was sure happy when he left; he was kind of loud and just made me feel uncomfortable. (sigh)
Lalalalala. Still waiting. This'll be really weird to read later since I won't be waiting anymore when the words will be saying I'm waiting. Hmmm. Well, you know what I mean. At least I'm getting more practice typing on the PK. I'm getting better. I'm hitting the spacebar better and am just sometimes missing hitting some keys since they're so small. The other day when I was typing on the regular BrailleNote, it felt weird, and I hit the Braille display on it instead of the spacebar since my thumb was used to going down so far from the PK.
Hmmm. I wonder how much longer it'll be. Twelve minutes until my appointment. Who knows when they'll call. There seems to be a few people here today. Not a ton, but a good amount. I'm always the youngest one, too. There are some relatively young-sounding people here this time, and its usually really old people. Don't get me wrong, there's old people, too, there just also seems to be middle-aged people. But yeah, I'm always the young one. I'm also the only one with a dog.
I find it funny that the buildings aren't labeled in Braille. WHEN Access dropped me off, I had to walk down a sidewalk a few feet and then turn right. There were two buildings next to each other, and I didn't remember which was one and which was two. I needed two. Luckily, the sign outside the door of each building was large and low enough I could read it. But again, I was kind of surprised it wasn't in Braille. I mean, I know they don't have to label these sorts of signs, but I thought since one of the buildings has the eye clinic that it'd be a nice idea to label them. Oh well. At least they were in really big print and low enough I could read them. Hopefully, next time I'll remember two is to the right. That makes sense since one comes before two, so one is to the left of the sidewalk and two is to the right. Let's just see if I remember next time.
Well, I've run out of things to say for now. Hopefully, I'll get called in soon. I may write more later while I'm waiting for Access to take me back to the dorms. If I do, I'll post them separately. Not that it really matters, but that's what I'll do. Doodoodoo. Nope, not for me again. Figures. I think it'll be awhile. Talk later.

I just added this part.
Well, I ended up being called back at about 2:20, saw a nurse, waited about a half hour to see the doctor, and was out within 10 or 15 minutes. My pressures were good for my Glaucoma, 12 in the right eye and 14 in the left. Yay! Still nice and controlled on the eye drops. Its been 10 years or more since my last surgery, and I'd love to keep it that way. So woo hoo!
By the time I got outside and pottied Pasta, who was very good and gave the nurse and doctor slobbery kisses hello, I had 40 minutes to wait. I called to see if they could send a driver early, but they said by the time they found someone who could come, it'd already be 4:00 anyway. So I waited. I talked to Anthony, my sister, and my Dad. They didn't show up until 4:30, but it was a straight ride back to campus. I was even able to snag some free Chinese food from a Chinese New Year celebration Anthony went to here on campus.
So, all in all, its been a good day. Tonight, I've got to do stats homework. Joy. I should do some PPA, too. Oh well. Talk later!

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