Monday, February 15, 2010

Nice weekend!

Well, we had a really nice weekend, but we did so much it went by really fast. Nooooooo! Its Monday! Ugh.
Friday my friend was going to come over but didn't feel well so she didn't come that day. So Anthony and I went to the dining hall early since we were hungry but didn't eat much. He got me hungry for Cha for Tea, so the dining hall food didn't taste good after craving that. So, we just ate a bit and then ended up going to Cha for Tea later. Yummy! We had Spicy Tempura and Chicken Dumplings. We took the bus to and from. It was fun. I've got to write down which one to take and where to get off and where to go so I can make sure I do it right after he goes to grad school. I've done it a few times but am afraid I'd mess up without him there unless I write it down and study it a few times. Silly, huh?
Saturday, my friend felt better, so she and her guide-dog came over.We hadn't seen each other since Halloween, so it was fun hanging out. We walked to campus to get StarBucks but they closed early. Ugh. Pasta was so tired that night from all the excitement of seeing our friend, her dog and the walking we did during the day.
Sunday, Valentine's Day, was great. Anthony brought me flowers! He's never got me flowers before. They're beautiful. I'll have to try to keep one and dry it or something since this may be our last Valentine's Day since he'll be going to grad school up north in the Fall and maybe we'll not be "together" after that. But, anyway, it was a really, really nice day! He also got me a book about whales which will be really fun to read. Also, he says he got me something from Germany but it isn't here yet. Hmmm.
I feel like a total loser since I only got him a heart-shaped box of pastacios, I know I spelled it wrong. Anyway, he liked them, and said he understood since I'm trying to save up money for an apartment, etc.
Anyway, we went to Starbucks, they were open this time, and he treated me to a Mocha Frappaccino. Yummy! Then, we went to TGI Fridays for supper. Yummy, again! I had a Margarita, Mangoberry, we shared potato skins, and I had Jack Daniels Chicken and shrimp which also came with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Mmmmmm.
Stupid Access was late and then no-showed us so we either had to wait for another half hour, which would have more likely been at least 45 minutes or more, or get a cab, so we got a cab back to the dorms. I probably would have been fine with waiting if I'd have brought Pasta, but since I left her in the dorms, I figured we should get back to her.
So, it was a really great weekend.
With all the stuff to do, it sure flew by. Now its Monday, I had a class this afternoon and have another tonight. Ugh. Oh well. Tomorrow I've got an eye doctor appointment. Joy. Well, talk later!

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Jen and Bil said...

awww! Flowers are awesome! Nick got me flowers too for the first time :) Glad you had such a fun weekend!