Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally going to bed

Well, I tried to post earlier but got sidetracked. I thought I could put my thumb drive into my PK but realized I couldn't. So I thought I could hook it up to the computer with a USB cable. No luck. I tried installing Activesync but got a message about it not being compatible with stupid Vista. I didn't feel like downloading the thing to fix it and just decided to copy what I wrote in class to my flashcard. But I couldn't get the one with the GPS Maps on it out of the PK. So I took it to my boyfriend's room.
He got it out, but I ended up staying in there and listening to some interview by some racist professor whom I was surprised and disturbed to learn teaches here. Psycho guy! Ugh! Anyway, so I listened to part of that and to his roommate's song he composed for his recidal, and I came up with a wonderful little story about a bunny and deer playing in a meadow with flowers and a stream on a bright sunny day and a wolf coming and chasing the bunny. The bunny ran and ran, and when the wolf fell asleep, the bunny snuck away. But then the worlf woke back up and ran after the bunny, but he fell into one of the rabbit's holes and hurt his foot. The bunny felt bad so he went and found a dead bird and gave it to the hungry wolf, the bunny realized that the wolf was chasing him because he was hungry, and then he dug the wolf's foot out of the hole. Then, the wolf and bunny were friends. I know, weird right? But that's what the music made me think of!
So anyway, now I'm back and posted my randomness from earlier and am super tired. PPA was boring and I caught myself falling asleep. I had a large Straweberry Fanta from El Pollo Loco after class, and I think the sugar in it is the only reason I'm still awake. At least I don't have to get up until 10 tomorrow. Actually, I could get up later if I want to, since I don't have to be in to proof the stats book until 1:00. Well, off to bed I go. Pasta's already there. She's got the right idea!

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