Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Woo hoo! There was thunder! Yes, I'm weird. I love thunder!
Its been raining for awhile now, and there was just a tiny thunder rumble. It was not much and with my luck is probably all we'll get, but woo hoo! Did I mention I love thunder?
Back in Iowa, we had thunderstorms a lot in the spring and summer, and I was always a weirdo and enjoyed them. There's hardly ever thunder out here. I can only think of one actual thunderstorm since I've been out here, one I would actually call a thunderstorm, and it was probably close to a year ago.
So, by no means was or is this a thunderstorm, but there was a little thunder rumble, so I'm happy! Maybe I'll get lucky and there'll be more.
Okay, well, obviously since it did rain, the puppy outing was called off. Too bad, but probably best for the puppies. Next meeting is at the end of February, so that should be fun.
Wish me luck on getting more thunder! Yes, I know, I'm weird!


Ro said...

Ok, here's what we're gonna do. You and Pasta are gonna come live with me and Insert in the summer so you can have crazy thunder just about every day, and keep me calm, hahah!

I used to love it too, but now it sneaks up on me. Everyone starts calling and texting to warn me haha! I'm ok with thunder as long as the wind isn't too bad.

Megan and Pasta said...

Woo hoo! Sounds good to me! Pasta'd love to play with Insert, too.