Monday, March 8, 2010

Maybe promising apartment?

So I have an apartment I'm going to look at this weekend. My boyfriend's mom is going with me so I have eyeballs to check it out, too. The guy was really nice and didn't seem too concerned about my SSI and part-time job being my income. Its close to campus, and he thought it'd be perfect for me, he said.
But here's my wonderment now, what I didn't think of asking earlier. It says its a bachelor unit with a separate bathroom and all utilities included. He told me it was on top of a garage. So, now my question is, does it have a kitchen? Sounds like no. I could get by without a stove since I have a crock pot and sort of grill thing, its called the GT Xpress, but a fridge is important. I guess I could always get a small one, not tiny but not a full-sized one.
We'll see how it is when we go, probably Saturday. I hope it is okay. It'd be nice to be close to campus and to have a place where I don't have to mess with a cosigner. Cross your fingers, especially that it has a fridge!

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