Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi from Pasta!

Hi guys. So, mommy let me use the computer. Woo hoo! (wag, wag, wag) I'm so excited to get to talk to you all!
Anyway, I just wanted to ask you all to look at my beautiful pictures mommy posted and let her know which one is your favorite. I'd really like to be in the GDB calendar next year so everyone can see me! Mommy tells me I'm beautiful. As a matter of fact, everyone says that, so come on, let mom know so she can pick a photo to send in. She really wants to show me off, she says.
Oh, oh, oh, and go to the website mommy posted, too. She wrote a story bragging about me, and if enough people vote for it, we could win $1,000. But we're really behind since mom didn't know about the contest until yesterday. But its okay, because you can vote once a day until March 28th! So, please do, and tell your friends about me, too! Please!
I'll give you the puppy face!
I'm really good at giving the puppy face.
Oh, so mom wants me to post the link in here for you guys again. To read the story about me and vote for it, go here. Thanks! (lick, lick, wag, wag.) Gotta go now!

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