Friday, April 2, 2010

I miss singing

I miss singing. I used to sing in choir all the time. I was in it in junior high and high school and at the community college back in Iowa. I loved it. I even had lessons. I got solo parts sometimes, and since I had lessons, I sang in residals, too. I sang in English, of course, Latin, Hebrew, Italian, German and French. My voice teacher liked giving me German and French songs to do.
But now, I don't have time with all my classes and all. I haven't been in a choir for like five years, and ugh, I miss it. I wish I had time. It was lots of fun for me. My sisters even got me a recording in a studio back home and I got two songs done there. Pretty cool. Too bad I don't have time anymore. Maybe someday. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to put songs on here and will post one or two of the ones I did in the studio, if I can figure it out.

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