Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Air Choice One's Website Stinks

So, in order to get back to Iowa now, I've got to buy tickets from two different airlines because the stupid Air Choice One airline won't partner with any bigger ones. Now, don't get me wrong, they could be a fine airline I've never flown with them before since they're new in Burlington, but what a pain this will be. I'm going to have to get my flight from Chicago to Burlington and vice versa first since there are fewer flights with the small airline, and then I'll have to get a flight out of here into Chicago and guess how much time I need to leave in between the flights. The only good thing about this is that I can fly from Long Beach to Chicago via Jet Blue, thus avoiding stupid LAX and flying a nice airline.
But if this wasn't already complicated enough, plus the fact that I'd better not bring any checked luggage unless I want to pay for it twice, but the website for Air Choice One is terrible. Its got lots of flash and I don't know what all, but I can't even navigate the thing. The homepage only reads as having four links and two say the same thing. That doesn't seemm right. Anyway, I can get to the booking page, but once there, I can't pick my dates. I can go into the combo boxes and say how many are flying and to and from where, and I can read the combo boxes, but I cannot select a date, because its some stupid read only box that brings up a calendar when you get inside it. My screenreader will read the calendar but when I hit enter on the next button to move to the next month, it doesn't do anything. I have Window-Eyes but have a demo of Jaws, and that didn't work, either. So yeah, I can't even find a flight online because the stupid website doesn't work. Isn't this supposed to be illegal to have unaccessible websites? Ugh! I can't even complain since there's no phone number readable on there that I've found, and when I clicked on the E-mail form link, I got a "this page cannot be displayed" message. So, if you Air Choice One people read this by chance, fix your website! Its terrible, and I cannot book a flight through it or even find a phone number to call.

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Anonymous said...

O wow I hate when that happens! GER'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r'r!