Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

Hi! This is Pasta. I stole the computer from Mom because I wanted to write about my day. I'd better make it brief so I don't get caught.
So, today I went with Mom and her sister and two nephews to a Chinese restaurant. It smelled really good, but I didn't eat anything. Mom was happy. I did try to lick a couple people on the way out, though. Mom said no, but she just didn't understand I was trying to tell them Happy New Year!
We got to play a lot today. I chewed my beef nylabone, played tug with my Goughnutt and played with my Water Wubba toy Mom got me for Christmas. Mom took me for a walk around the block, too! It was fun.
At supper, Mom only gave me one cup of kibble. I was a little confused but understood later. Mom put some peanut butter in my kong for me and told me Happy New Year. Yay! I love peanut butter! Thanks a lot Mom!
Well, I'd better go now. Mom wants the computer, and it's time for me to sleep again. Maybe I'll write again someday. Mom caught me here, but she says she doesn't mind if I write, too. Well, Happy New Year everybody. Sending licks and tail wags!

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